31st International Conference of the
Keynote Speakers (General Sessions)

In alphabetic order

G1. Rheology and Rheometry

Prof. Chongyoup KIM
Korea University, Korea

Title: Contact Line Motions of Polymeric Fluids
1979 - 1983 Princeton University, Ph.D.
1977 - 1979 Seoul National University, M.S.E.
1973 - 1977 Seoul National University, B.S.E.

2001 - date Professor, Korea University
1988 - 2001 Professor, Chungnam National University
1985 - 1988 Senior Research Fellow, Korea Institute of Energy and Resources
1984 - 1984 Research Associate, Princeton University
Prof. Horst Henning WINTER
University of Massachusetts Amherst, USA

Title: Soft Solid Rheology
University of Stuttgart, Mechanical Engineering Dipl.-Ing. 1967
Stanford University, Chemical Engineering MS 1968
University of Stuttgart, Chemical Engineering Ph.D. (summa cum laude) 1973
University of Stuttgart, Chemical Engineering Habilitation 1976

1994-present Distinguished Professor, Dpt. Chemical Engineering, U. Massachusetts, Amherst, USA
1979-1994 Professor, Dpt. Chemical Engineering U. Massachusetts, Amherst, USA
1979-present Adjunct Professor, Polymer Science & Eng., U. Massachusetts, Amherst, USA
1972-1979 Lecturer, Institute for Polymer Engineering, University of Stuttgart, Germany

2013 Recognition by Soc. Rheology: "First Thousand-Citation Article" in a rheology journal
2004 Faculty Fellowship Award of the U. Massachusetts Amherst
1999 Alexander von Humboldt Senior Scientist Award
1997 National Science Foundation Creativity Award
1996 Bingham Medal, awarded by the American Society of Rheology
1994 Distinguished University Professor, awarded by the U. Massachusetts Board of Trustees
1991 Outstanding Senior Faculty Award, College of Engineering, U. Massachusetts
1973-4 Fellow of the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG)

G2. Extrusion

Dr. Kun Sup HYUN
Hannam University, Korea

Title: Scale-up of High Performance Screw for XPS Manufacture
Dr. Kun Sup Hyun, President Emeritus of the Polymer Processing Institute (PPI) and a Research Professor in the Otto H. York Department of Chemical, Biological, and Pharmaceutical Engineering at the New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT), Newark, New Jersey, is an Invited Honorable Professor at Hannam University in Daejeon Daeduk Techno Valley Campus in Advanced Materials and Processing Department. He is an advisor to Center for Nano-structured Polymer Processing Technology at Seoul National University He has served as President of PPI from 2001-2007. Before joining PPI and NJIT, he spent nearly 35 years at The Dow Chemical Company as a Senior Research Scientist (Highest Technical position) and Global Technical Leader of Polymer Processing Technology. Dow Chemical honored him by establishing Dow Chemical Engineering Science Polymer Processing Kun Sup Hyun Award, which has been presented to Scientists and Engineers at Dow for several years. He was elected to a Fellow in the Society of Plastic Engineers (SPE) in 1996, and have received Best Paper Awards from the Extrusion Division in 1992, 1999, and 2000. Dr. Hyun received from the Extrusion Division of SPE, a Distinguished Service Award (2001), the Bruce H. Maddock Award in Single Screw Extrusion Technology (2002). Also received SPE International Award in Polymer Engineering and Technology (2007). He holds over 12 U.S. Patents, and have authored over 100 technical publications. He was the Series Editor of Progress in Polymer Processing Book Series in the Polymer Processing Society (1997-2004). In Korea, he has received Presidential S & T Award and Medallion and he is Emeritus member of Korea Academy of Science and Technology and a honor member of National Academy of Engineering of Korea. He holds a B.S. (1959) from Seoul National University and M.S. (1962) and Ph.D. (1966) degrees from the University of Missouri-Columbia, all in Chemical Engineering.
McMaster University, Canada

Title: Extrusion of Double-Walled Large Diameter Corrugated Pipe
JOHN VLACHOPOULOS received his Dipl. Ing. Degree from the National Tech. Univ. of Athens Greece and M.S. and D.Sc. degrees from WASHINGTON UNIV. of ST. LOUIS, Mo. USA. He has been teaching and doing research on polymer processing at McMaster University, Hamilton, ON , CANADA and since 2008 he is Professor Emeritus. He has spent sabbatical research leaves at the Institut fuer Kunststofftechologie (IKT), University of Stuttgart, Germany (1975), Centre de Mise en Forme des Materiaux (CEMEF), Ecole des Mines de Paris (Paristech), Sophia Antipolis, France(1981-82 and 1988-89) He is consultant to the polymer processing industry, member of several international professional organizations and served as President (2005-2007) of the Polymer Processing Society (PPS). He is also the recipient of the SPE Fred E, Schwab award for Outstanding Achievement in Plastics Education (Dallas,Tx, 2001), the Distinguished Achievement in Extrusion Award (Chicago, Ill., 2004) and the Bruce Maddock Award from the Extrusion Division of the Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE, Las Vegas 2014) and the Stanley G. Mason Award of the Can. Soc. of Rheology (Hamilton, ON, 2007). He is Fellow of the Canadian Academy of Engineering (CAE), Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE) and Chemical Institute of Canada (CIC). Through his company POLYDYNAMICS INC he has licensed computer simulation software to several hundred corporations around the world.

G3. Injection Molding

Prof. Phil COATES
Bradford University, UK

Title: Advances in Precision Micromoulding
Professor Phil Coates is a Physics graduate (Imperial College), London. His PhD research was on solid phase deformation processing of polymers (Leeds University). Prof Coates was elected a Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering in 1995. He was Pro Vice Chancellor for Research & Knowledge Transfer at Bradford for 7 years (2004-11), and is Professor of Polymer Engineering, at the University of Bradford. He is Director of the internationally recognised Polymer Interdisciplinary Research Centre (IRC) (across the Universities of Leeds, Bradford, Durham and Sheffield), with some 50 researchers at Bradford involved at the leading edge of in-process measurements for process monitoring, analysis and control, and computer modelling in a 4500 m2 laboratory. He is also Director of the Polymer Centre of Industrial Collaboration, the Advanced Materials Engineering RKT Centre, and the International Centre for Polymer Microprocessing (a joint laboratory with Sichuan University). The research targets high value polymer products for a range of sectors - healthcare technology (including bioresorbable polymers for orthopaedic applications), pharmaceuticals processing, optical, automotive and advanced materials developments, including nanocomposites and reactive grafting. His research has substantial support (around £40 million total grants and contracts) from UK Government sources and industry, with over 100 companies collaborating in the research programmes from the USA, Europe, the Middle East, Australia and Japan. Similarly, the research involves strong international cooperation in the UK, Europe, N America, Japan and China. He directs the RCUK Bradford Science Bridges China/ ESPRC Global Engagements programme ? a government sponsored collaboration (currently over £10m total UK and China support) with over 20 Chinese Universities focussed on advanced materials for healthcare technologies, based around a research and open innovation platform. He is an Honorary Professor of Sichuan University and Beijing University of Chemical Technology, and a Molecular Sciences Forum Professor at the Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing and CIACAS Changchun, and has high quality joint publications with these groups. He is also a Famous Overseas Scholar and member of the National Bureau of Foreign Experts of China. Prof Coates is a director of Medilink (Y&H) Ltd, and of the new £5.7m EPSRC Medical Devices Centre of Innovative Manufacturing (2013 on). He is a founder member of the Leeds City Region Business, Innovation and Growth Panel. He was honoured by the award of the Institute of Materials (IOM3) Netlon Gold Medal for Innovation in Polymer Processing (1999), the Plastics Industry Award for personal contribution to the industry (2006), and the IOM3 Swinburne Award (2008). He is a long-standing member of the International Polymer Processing Society committee, and has organised a wide range of international conferences, and regularly gives invited, keynote and plenary lectures. He has published extensively - over 300 papers, in scientific journals and has co-authored 9 books, and edited 7 books. He holds 12 patents. He is Chief Editor of the IoM3 international journal, Plastics, Rubber and Composites: Macromolecular Engineering. He is married to Jane (for over 40 years), with four children and three grandchildren; in addition to family, his chief interests are in music, his church and computers.
Prof. Christian HOPMANN
Institute for Plastics Processing at RWTH Aachen, Germany

Title: Manufacture of High Precision Optics for LED Applications Made of Liquid Silicone Rubber
1996: Diplom-Ingenieur: Mechanical Engineering, RWTH Aachen University
2000: PhD at RWTH Aachen, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
2008/2009 Program for Executive Development (PED), International Institute for Management Development (IMD), Lausanne, Schweiz

3/2014 Innovation Award of the Federal State of North Rhine-Westphalia for the development of the Gap-Impregnation Process
since 2014 Vice dean of finances of the faculty of mechanical engineering of RWTH Aachen University
since 2011 Head of the Institute of Plastics Processing in Industry and the Skilled Crafts at RWTH Aachen University and Managing Director of the IKV's Association of Sponsors. Chairholder Plastics Processing at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at RWTH Aachen University
2010-2011 Managing Director of RKW Sweden AB in Helsingborg/Sweden
2008-2009 Head of Extrusion RKW SE, BU Petersaurach
2006-2008 Head of Extrusion Industrial Film & Consumer Packaging RKW SE, BU Petersaurach
2005-2006 Head of the Quality Management, RKW SE, BU Petersaurach
2000-2004 Chief Engineer and Senior Vice, Institute of Plastics Processing in Industry and the Skilled Crafts (IKV) at RWTH Aachen University
1996-2000 Research fellow, Institute of Plastics Processing in Industry and the Skilled Crafts (IKV) at RWTH Aachen University
Prof. Hiroshi ITO
The Yamagata University, Japan

Title: Relationship between Internal Structure and Deformation Velocity on Impact Fracture Characteristics of Isotactic Homo- and Block- Polypropylenes Injection Molding Parts
1990 Ms. Eng, Yamagata University, Japan
1996 Dr. Eng., Yamagata University, Japan
1990-1993 Oki Electric Industry Co., Ltd.
1993-1996 Assistant Professor, Tsuruoka National College of Technology, Japan
1966-2007 Assistant Professor, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan
2007-2010 Associate Professor, Yamagata University, Japan
2010-present Full Professor, Yamagata University, Japan
2011-present Chair, Dept. of Organic Device Engineering, Graduate School of Sicence and Eng., Yamagata University, Japan
2011-present Chair, Dept. Organic Materials Engineering (PhD program), Graduate School of Sicence and Eng., Yamagata University, Japan
2011-present Director, Research Center for GREEN Materials and Advanced Processing (GreenMAP), Yamagata University, Japan
2014-present Director, Research Center for Next generation Automotive Plastics and Processing (NGAP), Yamagata University, Japan
Prof. Shih-Jung LIU
Chang Gung University, Taiwan

Title: Injection Molding of a Novel Biodegradable "Cable-tie" Fixator for Osteosynthesis Surgery of Rib Fracture
Professor Shih-Jung Liu is currently Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the Chang Gung University of Taiwan. He received the Bachelor degree from Mechanical Engineering of National Taiwan University in 1986, and earned his Master and Ph.D. degrees from Cornell University and the University of Wisconsin at Madison in 1989 and 1992 respectively. Dr. Liu had been working as a Post-doctoral research fellow at McMaster University of Canada, and also been as a visiting professor to the Tokyo Institute of Technology in Japan and Aachen University of Applied Science in Germany. Dr. Liu has been involved in pioneering work on the concepts of various polymer processing techniques. His research work deals with theoretical and experimental processing of various polymeric materials including engineering plastics and biomedical materials. Dr. Liu is worldwide known for the development of water-assisted injection molding systems and significant accomplishments in gas-assisted injection molding. He is also recognized for his works in micro/nano-molding, rotational molding, ultrasonic/hot plate welding, microstructure embossing, as well as the processing of bioabsorbable materials, drug delivery system, tissue engineering, and nanofibers. Dr. Liu received the Morand Lambla Award from the International Polymer Processing Society in 2008. He is the author of more than 250 scientific publications including 140 referred journal papers, editor and co-editor of 6 books and the author of 15 patents. Dr. Liu is also serving as the Associate Editors of Journal of Polymer Engineering (SCI) and Asia Pacific Journal of Chemical Engineering (SCI).
Prof. Qi WANG
Sichuan University, China

Title: Micro-Injection Molding of Polymer Based Micro/Nanocomposites
Prof. Qi Wang received her PhD degree from Sichuan University, China in June, 1989. She did two years postdoc research in Laval University, Canada from Dec. 1989- March 1992.Since 1993, she has been professor of Sichuan University. Her research interests are mainly on novel technologies for preparation and processing of polymer materials, environment-friendly polymer materials, etc. She has published 310 journal papers, 230 conference papers, 43 authorized patents and several prizes awarded by the State Council of China, Ministry of Education of China, etc.
Prof. Hidetoshi YOKOI
The University of Tokyo, Japan

Title: Visualization Analysis of Injection Molding Phenomena in Hot-runner System
Professor Hidetoshi Yokoi is currently a professor of Institute of Industrial Science (IIS), The University of Tokyo. He received a degree of Doctor of Engineering from The University of Tokyo in 1983. Then he worked as a lecturer (1983 to 1985), an associate professor (1985 to 1997) and a full professor (1997 until now) of the IIS, concurrently served as a professor (1998 to 2007) and the Director (2005 to 2006) of the Center for Collaborative Research (CCR), The University of Tokyo. He also became the president of the Japan Society of Polymer Processing (JSPP) in 2008 and 2009. His research interests include not only the development of new visualization, in-process sensing and molding technologies, but also the experimental analyses of molding phenomena especially in the field of injection molding. He organized a multi-client joint-research project (V-Project, from 1989 to 2000) with 27 companies and over 90 visiting researchers focusing on the visualization analyses of injection molding phenomena. Based upon a great success of V-Project, he has been conducting a new project (U-Project, from 2000 until now) with over 50 companies during the past fourteen years, focusing initially on ultra-high speed injection molding and phenomena, ultra-high transcription molding, demolding in micro-patterns, etc., recently extended on the visualization analyses of undesirable molding phenomena in hot-runner system, runner imbalance, rapid heat & cool injection molding, fiber orientation in long fiber reinforced plastics, plastication of long fiber reinforced plastics, etc. More than 900 technical and journal papers were reported and published.

G4. Polymer Blends and Alloys

Prof. Musa R. KAMAL
McGill University, Canada

Title: Rheological and Morphological Properties of PLA-PBAT Blends - Effects of Nanoclay Localization
Musa Kamal obtained the B.S. in Chemical Engineering from the University of Illinois, and the M.Eng. and Ph.D. from Carnegie Mellon University. After graduation, he worked at American Cyanamid Company, becoming a Research Group Leader and Corporate Project Manager. He joined McGill University in 1967, where he is Professor Emeritus of Chemical Engineering. He served for 10 years as Chair of the Department of Chemical Engineering and for 11 years as Director, Brace Research Institute. Professor Kamal has trained around 150 graduate students and researchers. He published over 270 publications and made over 200 technical presentations. He co-edited four books and obtained six United States patents. His research has covered various aspects of the processing, simulation and characterization of polymeric systems. He is Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada, Canadian Academy of Engineering, the Society of Plastics Engineers and Chemical Institute of Canada. He was selected Leader of The Year by the Society of Plastics Industry (SPI) Canada, and received their CANPLAST Award. Also, he received the International Education Award from the Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE), and a lifetime Achievement Award from the Society for Advanced Molding Technologies (SAMT) in China. He was inducted into the Polymer Processing Hall of Fame in 2003.
Prof. Abderrahim MAAZOUZ
National Institute of Applied Sciences (INSA), France

Title: Biopolymer Blends: Structure-rheological-morphological -interfacial properties /Forming Process Relationships
Abderrahim. Maazouz is a Professor of Polymer Engineering and Science in the Laboratory of Polymer Materials Engineering (IMP) at National Institute of Applied Science at Lyon (INSA de Lyon), France. Currently He is the director of Interdisciplinary Research Group in Polymer Processing (PPF/INSA de Lyon) and a Co-Chairman of "Polymer Structure and Rheology" center in the lab of IMP-UMR CNRS 5223. He is also the Director of the "Polymer and composites processing "in the mechanical department of INSA de Lyon (France) Prof. Maazouz's research interests cover wide domains, including i) Structure/processing/property relationships of polymers; ii) Rheology and process engineering of polymer materials, biopolymers and their composites; iii) Interfacial phenomena in the polymer and composites processing; iv) Monitoring and optimization of polymer processes (extrusion, co-extrusion, roto-molding, resin transfer molding, etc.). Contributions on these domains lead him to have more than 100 peerreviewed scientific articles, 6 patents, 2 book chapters and more than 100 oral and poster communications where he has on numerous occasions been an invited speaker and a chair-man of conferences. He supervises more than forty (40) PhD and post-doctoral students with financing from the Ministry of Research and industry. All these doctors now have high-level positions in either industry or academia, in France as well as abroad. He established numerous international collaborations (Canada, USA, Australia, Vietnam, Morocco and Tunisia). He is a member of the Polymer Processing Society (PPS), Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE), Society of Rheology (SoR), American Chemical Society (ACS) and European Society of Rheology (ESR). He will organize the international annual meeting of Polymer Processing Society in Lyon on July 2016. He was recently honored by French government by the "Palm academic medal": Palmes academiques. Prof. Maazouz is also Reviewer of several scientific journals: Polymer, International Material Forming, Rheologica Acta, Polymer Engineering & Science. Besides, Prof. Maazouz is also a conveyor of academic research to numerous high-technological industrial applications, which make him being well recognized by both academia and industry. He is responsible of several industrial projects (FUI, Carnot institute) , Academic projects "ANR" (HOBBIT, DIFEXBIO, ASPECT… ), and European projects (CORNET, AMOPLA…)
Prof. Christopher MACOSKO
University of Minnesota, USA

Title: Cocontinuous Polymer Blends
Chris Macosko is Director of the Industrial Partnership for Research in Interfacial and Materials Engineering and Professor of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science at the University of Minnesota and a member of the National Academy of Engineering. He received his B.S. from Carnegie Mellon, M.Sc. from Imperial College, London and Ph.D. from Princeton. He has advised over 100 M.S. and Ph.D. students and postdoctoral researchers with whom he has published over 450 papers in rheology and polymer processing, particularly processing with reaction such as reaction injection molding, polyurethane foam, crosslinking and reactive compatibilization of polymer blends. This research has been recognized with numerous awards including the Bingham medal of the Society of Rheology and election to the National Academy of Engineers. He co-founded Rheometric Scientific, now part of TA Instruments and a leading producer of rheological instruments. His rheology textbook "Rheology: Principles, Measurements, and Applications" (Wiley, 1994) is widely used.
Prof. Masayuki YAMAGUCHI
Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (JAIST), Japan

Title: Interphase Transfer of a Third Component in Immiscible Polymer Blends
1989 Kyoto Univ., Master degree
1989 Tosoh Corporation
1999 Doctor of Engineering, Kyoto University
2000-2002 Visiting Scientist, Polymer Processing Institute, NJ, USA
2005 Associate Prof. Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology
2009 Prof. JAIST

G5. Mixing and Compounding

Sadhan C. JANA
University of Akron, USA

Title: Dispersion of Carbon Black in Rubber Compounds: Role of Surface Engineering
Dr. Sadhan C. Jana is currently a professor in the Department of Polymer Engineering at The University of Akron. He received Ph.D. degree in chemical engineering from Northwestern University, worked at General Electric Corporate Research Center for four years, and joined the University of Akron in 1998. Dr. Jana served as chair of the Department of Polymer Engineering at the University of Akron from 2004 to 2011. Dr. Jana is the recipient of National Science Foundation Faculty Early CAREER Award, Chemcon Distinguished Speaker Award, Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE) Fred E. Schwab Award for outstanding achievements in education, and Honorary Professorship from National University of Colombia, Bogota. He is a Fellow and Honored Service Member of SPE and serves in the boards of Engineering Properties and Structure and New Technology Committee of SPE. Dr. Jana is the chair of SPE Education Award Committee. He is editor-in-chief of Springer Materials: Polymer Section and is an associate editor of Polymer Engineering & Science. In addition, he serves in the editorial boards of a number of peer-reviewed journals.
Case Western Reserve University, USA

Title: Challenges in Mixing Biofillers in Polymeric Systems
Ica Manas-Zloczower is the Thomas W. and Nancy P. Seitz Professor of Advanced Materials and Energy in the Department of Macromolecular Science and Engineering at Case Western Reserve University. She received BS and MS degrees in Chemical Engineering from Polytechnic Institute Jassy, Romania and a Doctor of Science in Chemical Engineering from the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology. She was a post-doctoral fellow at the University of Minnesota. Professor Manas-Zloczower is the recipient of the 2012 George S. Whitby Award for Distinguished Teaching and Research awarded by American Chemical Society Rubber Division. She was elected and served as the President of the International Polymer Processing Society in 2011-2013. She is also a fellow of the Society of Plastics Engineers and was elected to the Board of Directors of Extrusion Division of the Society of Plastics Engineers in May 2000. She was the Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Polymer Engineering 1999-2014 and serves on the Book Advisory Board for Hanser publisher. Professor Manas-Zloczower's research accomplishments have been recognized through more than 70 plenary, keynote and invited lectures at national and international conferences. She has also chaired several sessions at national and international meetings. She presented the 2014 Plenary Technical Lecture for the Society of Plastics Engineers. Professor Manas-Zloczower's current research interests include modeling of mechanical properties for nanocomposite materials, high internal phase emulsions, structure and micromechanics of fine particle clusters, interfacial engineering strategies for advanced materials processing, dispersive mixing mechanisms and modeling, design and mixing optimization studies for polymer processing equipment. She has advised 28 Ph.D. students, 27 M.S. students, 8 post-docs, 4 Ph.D. exchange students and a large number of undergraduate students. Professor Manas-Zloczower has more than 140 publications in peer-reviewed journals, more than 90 published conference proceedings, and a number of book chapters. She is the editor of the 2009 book "Mixing and Compounding of Polymers" published by Hanser.
Prof. Seong Jin PARK
POHANG University of Science and Technology (POSTECH), Korea

Title: Importance of Mixing in Powder Injection Molding
1987-1991 BS, Mechanical Engineering, POSTECH
1991-1993 MS, Mechanical Engineering, POSTECH
1983-1996 PhD, Mechanical Engineering, POSTECH

1996~2000 Research Engineer, LG Electronics
2000~2009 CTO, CetaTech
2001~2005 Research Associate, Penn State University
2005~2009 Research Professor, Mississippi State University
2009~ present Professor, Mechanical Engineering, POSTECH
2011~1014 Namgo Young Chair Professor, POSTECH

G6. Morphology and Structural Development

Dr. Regine BOLDT
Leibniz-Institut fur Polymerforschung Dresden e.V., Germany

Title: Process Induced Morphology of Irradiated HD-PE
Regine Boldt is a research assistant at the Leibniz-Institut fur Polymerforschung Dresden e.V. located in Germany. After her study of food chemistry at the Technical University of Dresden she investigated single-crystal growth of Iron-Cobalt-Silicide and constructed a transport balance for investigations of chemical vapour transport in the department of inorganic chemistry at the TU Dresden. In addition, she initiated new chemical syntheses for mobilization of inorganic nanostructures from oxidized intermetallic Bi-compounds with different bonding strengths. Since 2008 she is working in the department processing at the Leibniz-Institut fur Polymerforschung Dresden e.V. where she characterizes process induced morphologies and structure formation. She also investigates the dispersion and/or exfoliation of nanoparticles within different polymers in dependence on processing parameters. The development and evaluation of new preparation techniques for microscopic investigations as well as analytical electron microscopy belong to her main tasks.
KU Leuven, Belgium

Title: Miniaturization is a Trend but How Does it Affect the Break-up and Coalescence of Droplets in Shear Flow?
The research interests of P. Moldenaers focus on the rheology and morphology development in complex polymeric systems, especially two-phase polymeric blends, filled polymers, biopolymeric systems and polymeric liquid crystals. The research aims at providing a rational, science-based methodology for the processing of such complex fluids. Characteristic for the research is development and use of advanced experimental approaches which have resulted in unique experimental set-ups, data sets, characterization procedures, scaling relations and morphological insight. P. Moldenaers has been/is involved in many national, international and European projects, either as partner or as coordinator. The research of P. Moldenaers resulted in over 300 scientific publications in these and related fields. Her work has been cited over 4000 times, with an h-factor of 38. At present she is the head of the Department of Chemical Engineering of the KU Leuven in Belgium.

G7. Films and Fibers

Prof. Byoung Chul KIM
Hanyang University, Korea

Title: Rheological Characterization of the Temperature and Time Effects on Polyacrylonitrile Solutions
1974. 3 - 1985. 8 : Seoul National University, Department of Fiber Engineering (BS in 1978 / MS in 1981 / Ph. D in 1985)
1989. 2 - 1990. 2 : University of Akron (Postdoc in Prof. J.L. White's lab)
1996. 2 - 1996. 7 : IBM Almaden Research Center (Visiting scientist)

1982. 4 - 1998. 2 : Researcher in Korea Institute of Science & Technology [KIST]
1998. 3 - Present : Prof. of Hanyang University (Depart. of Organic & Nano Eng.)
1999 - 2001 : Executive Director of General Affairs of Korean Fiber Society.
2006 - 2010 : Chairman of Academic Committee of Korean Polymer Society
2007 : Special Issue Editor of Macromolecular Symposia (Vol 249, Vol 250)
2008 : Executive Director of General Affairs of Korean Chemistry-Associated Society
2011 : President of Korean Society of Rheology

1988 : Best Researcher, Korea Institute of Science & Technology(KIST)
2006 : Excellent Paper Award, Association of Scientists and Engineers of Korea
2012 : Academic Research Award of Korean Society of Rheology
2013 : Bentex Textile Award of Korean Fiber Society
Prof. Pierre LAFLEUR
Ecole Polytechnique Montreal, Canada

Title: Rheological Modification of Poly(lactic acid) for Film Blowing Application
Pierre G. LAFLEUR obtained his B.Sc.A. and M.Sc.A. in Chemical Engineering from Ecole Polytechnique of Montreal and a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering at McGill University in Polymer Processing. He is currently professor of Chemical Engineering, Member of the Center for Applied Research on Polymers and Composites and Chief Academic and International Officer at Ecole Polytechnique of Montreal. He has been active in research for over 25 years in the field of single and twin screw extrusion, film blowing process, nanocomposites and biodegradable polymers. He has published over 100 articles in peer-reviewed scientific journals, and supervised more than 40 doctoral and master's students.
Prof. Kikutani TAKESHI
Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan

Title: Mutual Interaction between High and Low Stereo-regularity Components for Crystallization and Melting Behaviors of Polypropylene Blend Fibers
Bachelor of Engineering, Tokyo Institute of Technology (1977)
Master of Engineering, Tokyo Institute of Technology (1979)
Doctor of Engineering, Tokyo Institute of Technology (1982)

Assistant Professor, Tokyo Institute of Technology, 1982-1991
Visiting Scientist, University of Akron, USA, 1986-1987
Associate Professor, Tokyo Institute of Technology, 1991- 2001
Professor, Tokyo Institute of Technology, 2001

The textile Machinery Society of Japan, Fellow 2012
Japan Society of Polymer Processing, Outstanding Paper Award 2009
Society of Fiber Science and Technology, Japan, Society Award 1999
Japan Society of Polymer Processing, Outstanding Paper Award 1991
Society of Fiber Science and Technology, Japan, Outstanding Paper Award 1988
Society of Fiber Science and Technology, Japan, Sakurada Takeshi Award 1984

G8. Polymer Nanostructures & Nanocomposites

Prof. Jose Antonio COVAS
University of Minho, Portugal

Title: Monitoring Compounding and Processing of Polypropylene/Graphite Nanoplates Composites
Jose Antonio Covas is full Professor at the Department of Polymer Engineering of University of Minho, Portugal. His scientific interests encompass extrusion-based processes, in-process monitoring and compounding. He published approximately 170 papers in international peer reviewed journals and book chapters and filed 9 patents. He is Associate Editor of the International Polymer Processing Journal. He maintains intense cooperation with Portuguese and International companies.
Prof. Sadhan C. JANA
University of Akron, USA

Title: Functional Materials for New Technologies: Designs at Nanoscale
Dr. Sadhan C. Jana is currently a professor in the Department of Polymer Engineering at The University of Akron. He received Ph.D. degree in chemical engineering from Northwestern University, worked at General Electric Corporate Research Center for four years, and joined the University of Akron in 1998. Dr. Jana served as chair of the Department of Polymer Engineering at the University of Akron from 2004 to 2011. Dr. Jana is the recipient of National Science Foundation Faculty Early CAREER Award, Chemcon Distinguished Speaker Award, Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE) Fred E. Schwab Award for outstanding achievements in education, and Honorary Professorship from National University of Colombia, Bogota. He is a Fellow and Honored Service Member of SPE and serves in the boards of Engineering Properties and Structure and New Technology Committee of SPE. Dr. Jana is the chair of SPE Education Award Committee. He is editor-in-chief of Springer Materials: Polymer Section and is an associate editor of Polymer Engineering & Science. In addition, he serves in the editorial boards of a number of peer-reviewed journals.
Prof. Samuel KENIG
Shenkar College, Israel

Title: Conductive Polyethylene Carbon Nanotube Composites Based on Novel Copolymer Compatibilizers
Before joining the Academia, Dr. Kenig served in various industrial R&D positions.
- From 1971 to 1974 as a Research Engineer at the Central Research Laboratory (C.R.L), the Canadian Industries Ltd. (C.I.L.),   McMaterville P.Q., Canada.
- In 1974 he joined the research organization of the Israel MOD where he held various positions in the Materials and   Processes Division. In 1986 Dr. Kenig assumed the position of Managing Director of the Division till 1991.
- Upon leaving the MOD, Dr. Kenig established the Israel Plastics & Rubber Center (IPRC) Ltd. IPRC is a public Company   owned by the Israel Society of Plastics & Rubber Industries, aimed at advancing the technical and scientific infrastructure   of the plastics & Rubber industries. Dr. Kenig has been the Managing Director IPRC till May of 2014

- In 1985 Dr. Kenig was appointed as an Adjunct Senior Teaching Fellow in the Dept. of Material Engineering - Technion   (Israel Institute of Technology) a position he held till 1994.
- In 1994 Dr. Kenig established the Department of Plastics Engineering in Shenkar College of Engineering and Design and   was appointed the Department Head.
- Dr. Kenig was granted the title of Associate Professor in 1996 and full Professor in 2000.
- In 2007 Prof. Kenig was appointed as Dean of Engineering Faculty in Shenkar College.
- In 2009 Prof, Kenig was appointed Head of the Graduate Studies in Plastics Engineering.
Prof. Kenig is a Fellow member of the Society of Plastics Engineers and a Honorary member of the Israel Polymers and Plastics Society.

Prof. Kenig is the author of more than 145 papers, 18 Patents and delivered more than 100 lectures in International Conferences related to polymers, plastics processing, polymer composites and polymer nanocomposites, elastomers, high performance packaging, coatings, structural components, medical and electronic devices.
RMIT University, Australia

Title: Effective Interface Development in Cellulosic Biopolymers: Chemical Imaging and Rheology Study
Professor Sati Bhattacharya taught Chemical Engineering for 40 years at the RMIT University. He also taught at the Indian Institute of Technology, India and the University of waterloo at Canada. He was the founding Director of the RMIT Rheology and Materials Processing Centre and continued at that position from 1988 until 2008. His current research activities include in areas such as concentrated dispersion rheology, polymer rheology, polymer processing, polymer nanocomposites and nanostructured materials. Professor Bhattacharya supervised more than 50 PhD students, authored/co-authored 375 scientific papers and published 2 books and several book chapters. He consulted and collaborated with a large number if industries.

G9. Foam

Prof. Volker ALTSTADT
University of Bayreuth, Germany

Title: A Comparison between the Mechanical Properties of EPS, EPP and ETPU Particle Foams
Volker Altstadt completed his Ph.D. in 1987 at the Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Kassel. This was followed by 16 months postdoctaral research at Daimler Benz AG, Stuttgart. From 1987 onwards he worked as a research scientist and subsequently as group leader at BASF. From 1995 to 2000, Volker Altstadt was a full professor for "Polymers in Mechanical Engineering" at the Technical University Hamburg-Harburg, Germany. Since 2000 he is full professor at the Department of Polymer Engineering at the University of Bayreuth, Germany. His laboratory is engaged in research on polymeric foams, fatigue of polymers, nanocomposites, polymer blends, as well as on the developement of epoxy resins.
Prof. Masahiro OHSHIMA
Kyoto University, Japan

Title: Microcellular Foam Injection Molding with Cellulose Nanofibers (CNFs)
Professor Ohshima started his academic career as an Instructor of Chemical Engineering at Kyoto University in 1986, just after graduating the Ph.D course of the same University. Then year 1994, he became an Associate Professor of Computer Science and Systems Engineering at Miyazaki University, which is located in southern part of Japan. Two years later, he returned to Kyoto University and was promoted to the full Professor in 2001. Since then, he has been serving as a Professor of Chemical Engineering at Kyoto University and the leader of Material Process Engineering laboratory. From the beginning of his academic career, he has devoted himself to researches in both the process control and polymer processing, especially polymer foaming. He received several best paper awards in both areas. . In 2011, he obtained the technical award (Aoki Katashi award) from Japan Society of Polymer Processing (JSPP). He is a Fellow of Society of Plastic Engineers (SPE) and now served ! as the president of JSPP.

1988, Doctor of Engineering (Kyoto Univ.)
1983, Master of Engineering (Kyoto Univ.)
1981, Bachelor of Engineering (Kyoto Univ.)
Prof. Chul B. PARK
University of Toronto, Canada

Title: A Visualization Study of Bubble Nucleation Mechanisms in High-Pressure Foam Injection Molding
Chul B. Park is a Professor and the Tier 1 Canada Research Chair in Microcellular Plastics, in the Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering at the University of Toronto. Professor Park is the Founder and Director of the Microcellular Plastics Manufacturing Laboratory and the Centre for Industrial Application of Microcellular Plastics, which are world leading research facilities in microcellular plastics foaming technologies. He has invented numerous foaming technologies (45 U.S. and international patents to date) and has successfully transferred them to various industrial companies. His patented microcellular technology has been licensed by more than 700 industrial companies around the world. Park has attracted more than 35 domestic and international companies under the Consortium for Cellular and Micro-Cellular Plastics (CCMCP) initiative. CCMCP was established in 2003 and currently has 20+ member companies. He has successfully transferred new foam technologies to numerous industries across Canada and internationally. Professor Park has also identified the fundamental mechanisms of cell nucleation and foam expansion, and has published more than 800 papers, including 240 journal papers and two books, with the h-index of 48 (Google Scholar). Professor Park also serves as the Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Cellular Plastics, and sits on the Advisory Editorial Board of a few other international journals. He was the Conference Co-Chair for Biofoams 2007 and Biofoams 2011, and the Conference Chair for PPS Americas 2012, Biofoams 2009, and Biofoams 2013. He has received about 30 major awards (e.g., The KY Lo Medal from the Engineering Institute of Canada in 2013, The Outstanding Achievement Award from the Thermoplastics and Foams Division of the Society of Plastics Engineers in 2014, etc.). He is a Fellow of three academies of the Royal Society of Canada, the Canadian Academy of Engineering, and the Korean Academy of Science and Technology. He is also a Fellow of 5 professional societies including the American Association for the Advancement of Science, the Engineering Institute of Canada, the Society of Plastics Engineers, the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, and the Canadian Society for Mechanical Engineering.

G10. Modelling and Simulation

Dr. Franco COSTA
Autodesk Moldflow, Australia

Title: Orientation Dependent Viscosity in Injection Molding Simulation
Dr. Franco Costa is a Senior Research Leader for the Autodesk® DLS-Simulation group. Over 23 years with Autodesk Moldflow®, he has contributed to the technologies of 3-dimensional flow simulations, thermal analysis, crystallization analysis, structural analysis, final net part shape prediction and multi-physics for the plastic injection molding simulation industry. Franco has held roles of research engineer, development team leader, and manager and now leads key strategic research projects for the Autodesk Simulation technology group as well as acting as an internal reviewer and technology architect. Franco has presented at academic conferences in the field of polymer processing, acts as a referee on international journals, and often presents overviews of Autodesk Moldflow research technology directions at Autodesk Moldflow user meetings. Franco is based in the Autodesk R&D Center in Melbourne, Australia.
Prof. See Jo Kim
Andong National University, Korea

Title: Development of Three-Dimensional Numerical Methods for Viscoelastic Free Surfaces of the Die Swelling in the Multi-Layer Tire Tread
POSTECH 1991-1994 Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering
POSTECH 1989-1990 M.S. in Mechanical Engineering
Yonsei University 1980-1983 B.S. in Mechanical Engineering

1984. 03.-1989. 03. : Researcher at Agency for Defense Development (ADD)
1997. 08.-1998. 08. : Visiting Professor at Univ. of Akron
2006. 08.-2007. 08. : Visiting Professor at Univ. of Minnesota
2014. 01.-2015. 01. : Visiting Professor at Mississippi State University
1995. 03.- Present : Professor, Dept. of Mechanical Design Engineering at Andong National University
Dr. Rekha RAO
Sandia National Laboratories, USA

Title: A Reaction Kinetics Approach to Polyurethane Foam Expansion and Polymerization
Dr. Rekha Rao is a chemical engineer with a background in fluid mechanics and numerical methods. Rekha is a developer of mathematical models and finite element software for computational fluid dynamics and multiphysics applications including non-Newtonian rheological models and free and moving boundary problems with a focus on manufacturing processes involving polymers. She has worked on a variety of projects during her 24 years at Sandia National Laboratories (Albuquerque, USA), including flow-through porous media, viscoelastic flows, coating flows, polymerizing suspensions for encapsulation, and mold filling of slurries. Her current projects involve the development of foam process models for encapsulation and structural foams and solvent diffusion in multilayer materials. Rekha is one of the founding developers of Goma 6.0, a multiphysics software package that was recently licensed as "open source.". GOMA is a two- and three-dimensional finite element program that focuses on manufacturing flows, particularly those involving free or moving interfaces.
Prof. Hiroshi WATANABE
Kyoto University, Japan

Title: Viscoelastic Relaxation of Rouse Chains Undergoing Head-to-Head Association and Dissociation: Effect of Motional Coupling
March, 1979 : B.Sci., Department of Macromolecular Science, Osaka University, Japan
March, 1981 : M.Sci., Department of Macromolecular Science, Osaka University, Japan
March, 1985 : Ph.D., Department of Macromolecular Science, Osaka University, Japan (Advisor: Prof. Tadao Kotaka)

1983 4 - 1994 7 : Assistant Professor at Department of Macromolecular Science, Faculty of Science, Osaka University, Osaka, Japan
1987 4 - 1989 3 : Post Doc (Visiting Scientist) at Department of Chemical Engineering & Materials Science, University of Minnesota, MN, USA (Advisor: Prof. Matthew Tirrell)
1994 8 - 2002 12 : Associate Professor at Institute for Chemical Research, Kyoto University, Kyoto, Japan
2003 1 - present : Full Professor at Institute for Chemical Research, Kyoto University, Kyoto, Japan
2008 4 - 2012 3 : Vice Director of Institute for Chemical Research, Kyoto University, Kyoto, Japan

G11. Polymer Composites

Prof. Altan, M. CENGIZ
University of Oklahoma, USA

Title: Experimental and Theoretical Investigation of Non-Fickian Moisture Absorption of Quartz/BMI Laminates Fabricated by Preconditioned Prepregs
Professor Altan is the Director of the School of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering at the University of Oklahoma and has been the leader of the Composite Materials Research Group for more than two decades. Professor Altan's primary research interests are in the mechanics, manufacturing, and characterization of advanced polymeric composite materials. He has developed unique microstructural simulation techniques and experimental methods to describe process-induced properties during manufacturing of fiber-reinforced composites. Professor Altan has published more than 150 articles in the leading journals and conference proceedings, and edited proceedings of several ASME symposia on advanced materials and composites. Professor Altan is an ASME Fellow and a member of the executive committee of the Polymer Processing Society, serving as the treasurer since 2005. Professor Altan holds three patents on processing of advanced materials. In addition to multiple teaching and research awards, he was awarded a Presidential Professorship since 2006 and received the Technology Development Recognition Award at the University of Oklahoma.

University of Delaware, Newark, Delaware, Mechanical Eng., Ph.D., 1989.
METU, Turkey, Mechanical Eng., B.S., 1985.
Prof. Donghwan CHO
Kumoh National Institute of Technology, Korea

Title: Novel Silk Fibroin Fiber/Poly(butylene succinate) Biocomposites: Processing, Electron Beam Treatment, and Properties
1977. 3 - 1984. 2 Dept. of Polymer Science & Technology, Inha University (B.S)
(From November 1979 to April, 1982: military service as engineer)
1984. 3 - 1984. 12 Dept. of Polymer Science & Engineering, Graduate School, Inha University (B.S)
1985. 1 - 1997. 5 The University of Akron, Dept of Polymer Science, Akron, Ohio, USA (M.S)
1987. 6 - 1990. 5 The University of Akron, Dept. of Polymer Science, College of Polymer Science &
Engineering, Akron, Ohio, USA (Ph.D.)

1990. 6 - 1991. 5 Institute of Polymer Science, The University of Akron, Akron, Ohio, USA, Postdoctoral Fellow
1991. 6 - 1994. 2 Polymer Composite Research Team, Agency for Defense Development (ADD), Korea, Senior Research Scientist
1994. 3 - Present Dept. of Polymer Science and Engineering, Kumoh National Institute of Technology, Korea, Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, Professor
2007. 4 - 2009. 3 Director of Innovation Center for Engineering Education of Kumoh National Institute of Technology
2009. 8 - 2010. 8 Composite Materials & Structures Center, Michigan State University, East Lansing, Michigan, USA, Visiting Professor

1997 Best Research Award of Kumoh National Institute of Technology
2006 Best Research Award of Kumoh National Institute of Technology
2010 Scientific Award of the Society of Adhesion and Interface Society, Korea
2011 Scientific Award of the Korean Carbon Society
2014 Best Research Award of Kumoh National Institute of Technology
Dr. Byung Sun KIM
Korea Institute of Materials Science, Korea

Title: Electrophoretic Deposition Process for Nanocomposites
Dr. Byung Sun Kim joined the Composites Research Center (CRC), Korea Institute of Materials Science (KIMS) in 1991 and also is a Professor in the Department of Advance Materials, University of Science & Technology, Korea. He is current Director of Global Research Laboratory (GRL) program between CCM of Univ. of Delaware and CRC of KIMS on "Advanced Hybrid Micro/ nanocomposites for Structural and Multifunctional Applications". He received his Ph.D. in Dept. of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering from Missouri University of Science & Technology, on "Polymeric Composite Tube Mold Design and Hygrothermal Stress Analysis of Composite Tubes." In 2007, he was awarded of Korean Presidential Commendation for excellence in research into the structural design and processing of Composite Materials. He was the president of Korean Society for Composite Materials (2012-2013) and he is an Executive Council Member of International Committee on Composite Materials (ICCM) (2013-2015).
Prof. Dong-Chan LEE
University of Nevada, Las Vegas, USA

Title: Nanofibers of Organic Semiconductors through Organogelation
Ph.D. Department of Chemistry
(Polymer Science/Engineering Option Program)
University of Massachusetts Lowell, Lowell, MA.
Thesis title: "Understanding Assemblies of Polydiacetylenes"
M. Eng. Department of Polymer Science, Kyungpook National University
Taegu, Korea
B. Eng. Department of Polymer Science, Kyungpook National University
Taegu, Korea

Associate Professor
Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Assistant Professor
Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Research Scientist
Department of Chemistry, The University of Chicago
Postdoctoral Research Associate
Department of Chemistry, The University of Chicago
Research Assistant
Center for Advanced Materials, Department of Chemistry, University of Massachusetts Lowell
Teaching Assistant
Department of Chemistry University of Massachusetts Lowell
Courses: Organic Chemistry Lab. and General Chemistry Lab.
Research Assistant
Department of Polymer Science, Kyungpook National University, Korea

- The Mark Jonathan Elliot Scholarship Award by University of Massachusetts Lowell Alumni Association (June 5, 1999).
- Barrick Scholar Award presented by UNLV (April 14, 2011)
- NSF CAREER Award (July 2009-June 2014)
Dr. Nguyen Dang LUONG
Aalto University, Finland

Title: Functional Nanocellulose/graphene Composites
2004.09 - 2009.02 : Ph.D. in Polymer Science and Engineering, Department of Polymer Science and Engineering, Sungkyunkwan University, South Korea
1997.09 - 2002.06 : Chemical Engineer, Polymer and Composite Material, Department of Chemical Technology, Hanoi University of Technology, Vietnam

2010.09 - present : Postdoctoral researcherat Aalto University School of Chemical Technology, Department of Chemical Technology and Biotechnology, Espoo, Finland. Under supervision of Academy Professor Jukka Seppala. Teaching assistantin courses 1) Analysis of Renewable Materials (Puu-0.3100 Modification and Analysis of Renewable Materials) and 2) Bacterial cellulose (KE-100.4810 Biopolymers)
2009.09 - 2010.08 : Postdoctoral researcherat Gyeonggi Regional Research Center, Sungkyunkwan Advanced Institute of Nanotechnology, Sungkyunkwan University, Suwon, South Korea.
2009.03 - 2009.08 : Postdoctoral researcherat Polymer Technology Institute, Sungkyunkwan University, Suwon, South Korea.
2003.04 - 2004.07 : Researcher, Key National Laboratory of Polymer and Composite Science and Technology, Polymer and Composite Research Center, Hanoi University of Technology, Vietnam. Research project: preparation of polypropylene and nylon/clay composites and polypropylene/nylon blends.
2002.06 - 2003.04 : Technician, DMC-Daiwa Plastic Joint Venture Company, Japan-Vietnam, Hanoi, Vietnam. Working with injection molding machines (making various plastic injection molded parts for motors and printers of Honda, Canon, and Yamaha companies)

G12. Rubber Processing and Technology

Prof. Seiichi KAWAHARA
Nagaoka University of Technology, Japan

Title: Viscoelastic Properties of Natural Rubber with Filler Nanomatrix Structure
1988 Bachelor, Faculty of Technology, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology
1992 Doctor, Graduate School of Engineering, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology

1992 Research Associate, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology
1998 Associate Professor, Nagaoka University of Technology
(1996-1997 Visiting Scientist, The University of Akron)

2000 Best Paper Award, The Society of Rubber Industry, Japan
2004 The Award of distinguished research work, The Society of Rheology, Japan
2006 Best Paper Award, The Society of Rubber Industry, Japan
2010 Malaysian Rubber Board Service Award
2010 Best paper award, Journal of Rubber Research
2012 Wiley Award, The Society of Polymer Science, Japan
2014 Sparks-Thomas Award, Rubber Division, American Chemical Society
Prof. Jinkuk KIM
Gyeongsang National University, Korea

Title: Soft Materials for 3D Printing
University of Akron, Ohio, U.S.A, PhD in Polymer Engineering (1989)
Yonsei University, Seoul, South Korea, MS in Chemical Engineering (1981)
Yonsei University, Seoul, South Korea, BS in Chemical Engineering (1978)
Analysis of Flow and Mixing Behavior in an Internal Mixer with Different Rotor Designs
Advisor: James L. White (University of Akron)

President - Korean Study Group of Elastomer (1996-present)
President - Korean Study Group of Elastomer (1996-present)
Editorial Board - Korean Institute of Resources Recycling(2000-present)
President - Korean Rubber Society (2009-2011)
Member - Korean Rheology Society(1990-present)
Director - Korean Polymer Society(1990-present)

Sandong University, China (2011-2014)
Qingdao University of Science & Technology, China (2001-present)
Jinan University, China (2007-present)
Prof. Il KIM
Pusan National University, Korea

Title: Soft Segment Modulation for the Tuning of Physical Properties of Poly(Ether Ester) Elastomers
Professor Il Kim, male, polymer chemist, graduated from chemical engineering department, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Engineering in 1990. He worked for University of Ulsan 1990-2000, Pusan National University (PNU), 2000 to date. Since 2013, he became the director of the Brain Korea (BK) 21 PLUS Center for Advanced Chemical Technology supported by the Ministry of Education and the chairman of the Department of Chemical Engineering·Polymer Science and Engineering in PNU. From 1994-1995 and 2004-2005, he worked in University of Iowa and Cornell University, respectively, as a visiting scholar. Now he has published more than 350 peer-reviewed papers and got more than 20 items of awards for the science and technology success including the Catalyst Award (Korean Institute of Chemical Engineering, 2005), the Science and Technology Award (Pusan City. 2011), and the Industry-Academy Cooperation Award (Korea Polymer Society, 2012). He played important roles in organizing lots of international scientific meetings related with polymer science and advanced materials and has been editorial board members of 9 international journals. In recent year he focused on the designing synthetic polymer bioconjugate hybrid materials for tissue engineering applications, therapeutic delivery, surgical sealants, and antimicrobial polypeptides for treatment against infectious diseases.
Prof. Liqun ZHANG
Beijing University of Chemical Technology, China

Title: Advance in Intrinsic and Complex Relation between Structure and Performance of Elastomer Nanocomposites
B.E. Beijing University of Chemical Technology 1990, 06
M.S. Beijing University of Chemical Technology 1992, 12
Ph.D. Beijing University of Chemical Technology 1995, 12

Assistant Professor, Beijing University of Chemical Technology 1995-1996
Associate Professor, Beijing University of Chemical Technology 1996-1998
Professor, Beijing University of Chemical Technology 1998-now
Visiting Scientist, University of Akron, USA 1999-2000
Postdoctor, Case Western Reserve University, USA, 2000-2001

Prof Zhang has been very active in the research field of rubber science and technology for over 25 years since his bachelor thesis in 1989 and has been leading the Center of Advanced Elastomer Materials (www.caem.buct.edu.cn), which holds a leading position in China in the field of rubber science and technology and possesses an internationally well recognized fame. He is also the head of Key Lab. of Beijing City on Preparation and Processing of Novel Polymer Materials, the head of Engineering Research Center of Ministry of Education on Energy and Resource Saved Elastomers, and associate head of State Key Lab of Organic-Inorganic Composites, China. He is the fellow of China Chemistry Industry and Engineering Society, the fellow of China Materials Research Society, the fellow of China Composite Materials Society, the fellow of China Nano Science and Technology Society, vice president of China Rubber Division, vice president of China Polymer Materials Engineering Division, and vice president of China Micro-Nano Composites Division, etc. Currently, he is serving as an editorial board member of the "Expressed Polymer Letter", "Journal of Applied Polymer Science (USA)", "Mini Reviews in Medicinal Chemistry", "Rubber Chemistry and Technology (USA)", "Plastics, Rubber and Composites: Molecular Engineering (UK)", "Elastomers and Composites (Korea)" and other 9 Chinese scientific journals. His current research interests are (I) preparation and processing of advanced and novel rubber nanocomposites, (II) complex structure description and the relation between multi-scaled structures and performance of rubber composites by advanced simulation methodology and instruments, (III) design, synthesis and processing of new generation Biobased Engineering Elastomers. Around these fields, he has published over 300 international papers on above subjects and some of them are in highly reputed journals such as Advanced Functional Materials, Macromolecules, Macromolecular Rapid Communication, Langmuir, Polymer, and Progress in Polymer Science. His papers have been cited by peers in a positive manner for over 5000 times (SCI system) with an H-index of 38. He is a (co-)author of 8 books (chapters) and has given over 70 plenary/keynote/invited lectures in international conferences and over 60 plenary/invited lectures in Chinese ones. He had chaired many sessions in international conferences and 4 times co-chaired conferences or taken the vice-chairman of program committee of International Rubber Conferences. He and his team members have filed 160 Chinese patents and 3 international ones, and over 100 of them have been proved. He has received many high reputed scientific awards from relative Association, Society, Ministry and Committee of China including prestigious "9th China Youth Scientific Award" and "National Invention Award". In 2012, he received Spark-Thomas Award from ACS Rubber Division, Asia Research Award from Society of Chemical Engineering of Japan and Morand Lambla Award from International Polymer Processing Society, which were due to his important contributions to rubber science and technology.

G13. Advanced Polymer Materials

University of Strasbourg, France

Title: Novel Multiphase Systems based on Thermoplastic Chitosan: Analysis of the Structure-properties Relationships
Prof. Luc Averous is a Group (BioTeam) Leader & Head of Polymer Research Department at ICPEES (UMR CNRS 7515) Univ. of Strasbourg (France), and former Lab Director. He started as Polymer Engineer (EAHP-Strasbourg). In 1995, he obtained his PhD in Polymer Science and Engineering (Ecole des Mines de Paris). After different post-doctoral positions (Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal, ), he became in 1997 an A/Prof. at ESIEC (Reims-France). Then in 2003, he became a Full Professor at ECPM (Univ. of Strasbourg), where he teaches biopolymer science, biomaterials, composites, plastic processing & polymers charact. During the last two decades, his major research projects have dealt with biobased and/or biodegradable polymers for environmental & biomedical applications. As a leading international expert in these fields, he has developed strong collaborations with several foreign labs (Australia, Brazil, Canada, Spain, ) and big companies (Total, PSA, Soprema, Tereos, ). He is regularly invited to co-organize Conferences, to chair symposia, and to give plenary or keynote lectures overseas. In 2011, he was the main organizer of 2 major International Conferences in Strasbourg: BIOPOL 2011 & WoodChem 2011. He has co-edited 3 books (Wiley, Elsevier & Springer). He is a member of 10 Editorial Boards, and Guest Editor for scientific journals. He is a referee for many scientific journals, books and international projects. He has published hundreds of scientific communications (articles, chapters, patents & proceeding papers) with thousands citations.
Prof. Jungahn KIM
Kung Hee University, Korea

Title: Applications of Heterobifunctional Poly(ethylene oxide)s Obtained through Living Polymerization
1973 ~ 1980: Seoul National University, Chem. Eng. & Korean Army Duty
1980 ~ 1983: Korea Institute of Science and Technology, Researcher.
1984 ~ 1990: University of Akron, Polymer Science MS, PhD, & Post-doc.
1991 ~ 2005: Korea Institute of Science and Technology, Senior Research Scientist & Principal Researcher
2005 ~ 2014: Kyung Hee University, Seoul, Korea, Professor
2014 ~ 2014: The Polymer Society of Korea, President-elect
2015 ~ 2015: The Polymer Society of Korea, President
2010 ~ Present: The Federation of Asian Polymer Societies (FAPS), Council Member

2010. 10. 28. A Korean Prime Minister Winner:
In a memory of the 2nd Chemical Industry Day
2014. 10. 03. 2014 Distinguished Alumni Award (Polymer Science)
University of Akron, Ohio, USA
Prof. Keiji TANAKA
Kyushu University, Japan

Title: A Facile Fabrication of Microcapsules by Spray Deposition of a Supramolecular Hydrogel
1997 Ph.D., Kyushu University
1993 B.S., Kyushu University

2009-present Professor, Department of Applied Chemistry, Kyushu University
2005-2009 Associate Professor, Department of Applied Chemistry, Kyushu University
2000-2005 Assistant Professor, Department of Applied Chemistry, Kyushu University
1997-1999 Postdoctoral Research Associate, University of Wisconsin-Madison
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TEL : (02)3452-5117 / 5118 FAX : (02)3452-5119 E-mail : ksr@ksr.or.kr
The Korean Society of Rheology (Tax no.: 220-82-01332)
No. 806, 135-703 (635-4, Yeoksam-Dong) 22, 7 Gil, Teheran-ro, Gangnam-Gu 135-703 Seoul, Korea