31st International Conference of the
Oral Sessions

Program Timetable (Tentative)

June 8 (Mon)June 9 (Tue)June 10 (Wed)June 11 (Thu)

* Updated on June 2, 2015
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[G8. Polymer Nanostructures & Nanocomposites / Room: SAMDA A]
*Chair: Jeremie Soulestin (Mines Douai, France)
Jian Xu (Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China)
8:30-9:00 [KLG8-04] Monitoring Compounding and Processing of
Polypropylene/Graphite Nanoplates Composites

J. A. Covasa*, P. Rodriguesa, R. M. Santosa, M. C. Paiva (University of Minho, Portugal)

9:00-9:20 [ORG8-30] Electrical Conductive Surface Functionalization of Polycarbonate with Carbon Nanotubes using Surface Reactive Injection Molding

Kroschwald Felix, Muller Michael Thomas*, Nagel Jurgen, Potschke Petra,
Heinrich Gert (Leibniz-Institut fur Polymerforschung Dresden e.V., Germany)

9:20-9:40 [ORG8-31] Fabrication of Functional Composites with Carbon Nanomaterial Embedded Hybrid Preform by Liquid Molding Process

Dong Gi Seong (Korea Institute of Materials Science, Korea)

9:40-10:00 [ORG8-32] Preparation of Polymer/Layered-materials Nanocomposites though Solid State Shear Compounding Technology

Kanshe Li, Hongmei Niu, Lanying Yan, Chuangqian Chen, Jie Kang (Xi’an University of Science and Technology, China)

[G11. Polymer Composites / Room: SAMDA B]
*Chair: Dan-Thuy Van-Pham (Can Tho University, Vietnam)
8:30-8:50 [ORG11-24] Influence of Polyethersulfone Functionalization on the Delamination Toughness in Carbon Fibers Composite Materials Processed by Resin Transfer Moulding (RTM)

Wael Ballout, P. Van Velthem, D. Magnin, M. Sclavons, Th. Pardoen, C. Bailly (Universite catholique de Louvain, Belgium)

8:50-9:10 [ORG11-25] Structured Composite Scaffolds with Superior Mechanical Performance for Enhancing Reconstruction of Cranial Bone Defects

Jin Zhang1, He Liu3, Jian-Xun Ding2, Jie Wu4, Xiu-Li Zhuang2, Xue-Si Chen2, Jin-
Cheng Wang3, Jing-Bo Ying4, Zhong-Ming Li1* (1Sichuan University, 2Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, 3Second Hospital of Jilin University, 4Shanghai University, China)

9:10-9:30 [ORG11-26] Bonding of Overmolded TPU on Steel Substrates with Different Surface Treatments

Jaime Alejandro Puentes Parodi, M. Gedan-Smolka, I. Kuehnert* (Leibniz-Institut fur Polymerforschung Dresden e.V., Germany)

9:30-9:50 [ORG11-27] Surface Characteristics of Zinc Oxide coated Carbon Fibers

Seung A Song, Seong Su Kim* (Chonbuk National University, Korea)

*Chair: Bongjun Yeom (Myongji University, Korea)
10:40-11:00 [ORG11-28] An Investigation on the Effect of Miscibility on the Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Polyethylene/Chitosan Composite Films

Yi Min Tan1, S. H. Lim2, B. Y. Tay2, M. W. Lee3, E. S. Thian1* (1National University of Singapore, 2Singapore Institute of Manufacturing Technology, 3Singapore Polytechnic, Singapore)

11:00-11:20 [ORG11-29] Screw Geometry Design and Performance Effects on Fiber Breakage Investigation

Chen-Han Tseng1*, Huan-Chang Tseng1, Meng-Chih Chen1, Jiri Vlcek2 (1Coretech System Co. Ltd, Taiwan, 2Compuplast International, Inc., Czech Republic)

11:20-11:40 [ORG11-30] Enhancing Mechanical Properties of Natural Fiber-reinforced Composite by Polymerization Technique

Dan-Thuy Van-Pham (Can Tho University, Vietnam)

[G1. Rheology and Rheometry / Room: 301]
*Chair: Seung Joon Park (Korea Polytechnic University, Korea)
8:30-9:00 [KLG1-02] Contact Line Motions of Polymeric Fluids

Chongyoup Kim (Korea University, Korea)

9:00-9:20 [ORG1-05] Crystallization of Olefin Block Copolymer: Understandings From Rheology

Peng He, Wei Yu* (Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China)

9:20-9:40 [ORG1-06] Rheological Behavior of Branch Modified Poly(Butylene Succinate)

Zhiguo Qi, Yu Zhang, Jun Xu, Baohua Guo* (Tsinghua University, China)

9:40-10:00 [ORG1-07] Stress Relaxation behavior of Polyolefin Polymer Blends Based on PP/HDPE

Mahboubeh Jahandideh1, Saeed Shafiei Sararoudi*, L. Barangi2 (1Islamic Azad University, 2Petrochemical Research and Technology Co., Iran)

10:00-10:20 [ORG1-08] Rheological Properties of Biodegradable Polyolefin based on HDPE/TPS

Maboudi Marzieh, Saeed Shafiei Sararoudi*, M. Mehranpour (Islamic Azad University, Iran)

*Chair: Kyu Hyun (Pusan National University, Korea)
10:40-11:00 [ORG1-09] Slit-die Rheometry and its Potential in Polymer Melt Rheology

Walter Friesenbichler1, L. Perko2, M. Fasching3 (1Institute of Injection Molding of Polymers, 2Austria, Woco Industrietechnik GmbH, Germany, 3Polymer Competence Center Leoben GmbH, Austria)

11:00-11:20 [ORG1-10] Piezoresistive Immersion Rheometer

Minyoung Kim, Kwangseok Seo, Kyun Joo Park, Seunghwan Seok, Do Hyun Kim* (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST), Korea)

11:20-11:40 [ORG1-11] Static Yield Stress of a Magnetorheological Fluid Containing Pickering Emulsion Polymerized Fe2O3/Polystyrene Composite Particles

Youngwook P. Seo, Yongsok Seo (Seoul National University, Korea)

[G12. Rubber Processing and Technology / Room: 302]
*Chair: Wonho Kim (Pusan National University, Korea)
8:30-9:00 [KLG12-04] Soft Materials for 3D Printing

JinKuk Kim (GyeongSang National University, Korea)

9:00-9:20 [ORG12-13] Co-extrusion Die Design and Computer Simulation for Tire Tread Manufacturing

Sung Hyun Choi1, Hak Joo Kim1, Min-Young Lyu2 (1Hankook Tire Central Research Center, 2Seoul National University of Science and Technology, Korea)

9:20-9:40 [ORG12-14] Characterization of the Axial Temperature Profile in the Injection Chamber under Processing Conditions of a State of the Art FIFO-Rubber Injection Unit

Roman Kerschbaumer1, L. Perko1,2, W. Friesenbichler2 (1Polymer Competence Center Leoben GmbH, 2Montanuniversitaet Leoben, Austria)

9:40-10:00 [ORG12-15] Construction and Design Hybrid Fillers in Rubber Composites

Zhenghai Tang1, Baochun Guo1*, Liqun Zhang2* (1South China University of Technology, 2Beijing University of Chemical Technology, China)

10:00-10:20 [ORG12-16] Influence of the Amounts of Glycidyl Methacrylate on the Mechanical and Dynamic Properties of Styrene–Butadiene–Glycidyl Methacrylate Terpolymer/Silica Compounds

Kihyun Kim, Seok-Hwan Lim, Sangdae Lee, Noori Lee, Dong-Hoon Lee, Wonho Kim* (Pusan National University, Korea)

[G4. Polymer Blends and Alloys / Room: 303]
*Chair: Denis Rodrigue (Universite Laval, Canada)
8:30-8:50 [ORG4-15] Improvement of Both Impact Properties and Fluidity of Polypropylene Blends through Reactive Extrusion

Camille Josse1,2, Valerie Massardier1*, Philippe Cassagnau2, Frederic Viot3 (1Insa De Lyon, 2Universite de Lyon, 3Plastic Omnium Sigmatech, France)

8:50-9:10 [ORG4-16] Mechanical Properties of PP/PA Blends in Addition with PP-g-MAH with Different PP Molecular Weight and MAH Content

Katsuhisa Tokumitsu1, Yuki Nakajima1, Kenji Aoki2 (1The University of Shiga Prefecture, 2Kayaku Akuzo Co. LTD., Japan)

9:10-9:30 [ORG4-17] Study on Reactive Blends of PBS and PA6IcoT

Zhen Yao, Jia-ming Sun, Qiang Wang, Kun Cao* (Zheiang University, China)

[G9. Foam / Room: 303]
*Chair: Chul B Park (University of Toronto, Canada)
10:40-11:00 [ORG9-12] Foaming Behavior of FEP assisted with scCO2

Yun-fei Zhang, Zhen Yao, Lin-jie Xu, Kun Cao* (Zhejiang University, China)

11:00-11:20 [ORG9-13] Fabrication and Characterization of Low density TAC Aerogels

Yu Fang1,2*, Luo Xuan1, Wang Chaoyang1,2, Chen Shufan1 (1Research Center of Laser Fusion, China Academy of Engineering physics, 2Science and Technology on Plasmas Physics Laboratory, China)

11:20-11:40 [ORG9-14] Measuring and Modeling the Dimensional Stability of High Density Polyurethane Foams

Kevin N. Long, Lisa A. Mondy, Christine C. Roberts, Haoran Deng, Mark Stavig,
Mathias C. Celina, Rekha R. Rao (Sandia National Laboratories, USA)

[G7. Films and Fibers / Room: 401]
*Chair: Hyun Wook Jung (Korea University, Korea)
8:30-9:00 [ORG7-15] Towards Novel wound Dressings: Antibacterial Properties of Zinc Oxide Nanoparticles and Electrospun Fiber Mats of Zinc Oxide Nanoparticle/Poly (Vinyl Alcohol) Hybrids

Sathish K. Sukumaran, T. Jamnongkan, M. Sugimoto, Y. Takatsuka, T. Hara, K. Koyama (Yamagata University, Japan)

9:00-9:20 [ORG7-16] Formation of Bead-free Fibers of PS via Electrospinning using PA6 or PA6/PS-co-TMI as Additives

Yin Tang, Wei-Yun Ji, Lian-Fang Feng, Xue-Ping Gu, Cai-Liang Zhang* (Zhejiang University, China)

9:20-9:40 [ORG7-18] A Novel Wound Dressing Based on Silver Nanoparticles on The Mussel Inspired Catecholic Nanofibers

Amin GhavamiNejad, Melisa Samarikhalaj, Chan Hee Park, Cheol Sang Kim* (Chonbuk National University, Korea)

*Chair: Sathish Sukumaran (Yamagata University, Japan)
10:40-11:00 [ORG7-19] Mass-productions of Porous Polymethylmethacrylate Template with Controlled Array Structure

Bo Yang1*, Gao Niu1,2, Xiuwen Zhou1, Weidong Wu1,2, Chaoyang Wang1 (Research Center of Laser Fusion, China Academy of Engineering physics, 2Science and Technology on Plasma Physics Laboratory, China)

11:00-11:20 [ORG7-20] Long Term Response of PP Geotextiles: UV Aging

Camilo Jaramillo Montenegro, Jorge Alberto Medina Perilla (Universidad de los Andes, Colombia)

11:20-11:40 [ORG7-21] Correlation between Raman Spectra and Physical Properties of Poly(ethylene terephthalate) Fiber

Dong-Woo Go, Wataru Takarada, Takeshi Kikutani* (Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan)

[G5. Mixing and Compounding / Room: 402A]
*Chair: Byeong Joon Jeong (LG Chem, Ltd., Korea)
Tadamoto Sakai (Shizuoka University, Japan)
8:30-9:00 [KLG5-04] An Investigation of CNT Dispersion in Twin Screw Extrusion of Industrial Scale

Byeong Joon Jeong, Jong Gun Park, Dae Jin Won, Bong Keun Lee (LG Chemical Ltd., Korea)

9:00-9:20 [ORG5-10] Flow Modelling and Numerical Simulation of a Molten Polymer in a Buss Co-kneader

Lucas Sardo, R.Valette, B.Vergnes* (Mines-Paristech, France)

9:20-9:40 [ORG5-11] Role of Twin Screw Extruder Design and Addition of Nano-fillers in Reactive Processing Technology

Tadamoto Sakai (Shizuoka University, Japan)

9:40-10:00 [ORG5-12] Thermal Stability of Polyethylene Grades in Presence of Phosphite Based Stabilizer Additives: Thermal Degradation and Rheological Behavior

Kamal Afzali1, Ali Keshavarzian2 (1Jam Petrochemical Company, 2Iran polymer and Petrochemical Institute (IPPI), Iran)

*Chair: Wook Ryol Hwang (Gyeongsang National University, Korea)
10:40-11:10 [KLG5-05] Challenges in Mixing Biofillers in Polymeric Systems

L. Yue, A. Patel, Z. Emami, Q. Meng, D. Pedrazzoli, Ica Manas-Zloczower (Case Western Reserve University, USA)

11:00-11:20 [ORG5-13] Strain Mode of General Flow: Characterization and Implication to Mixing

Yasuya Nakayama1, Tatsunori Masaki2, Toshihisa Kajiwara1 (1Kyushu University, 2UNITIKA Ltd., Japan)

11:20-11:40 [ORG5-14] Tensorial Navier-slip for Flows with Patterned Surfaces

Hye Kyeong Jang, Wook Ryol Hwang* (Gyeongsang National University, Korea)

[G13. Advanced Polymer Materials / Room: 402B]
*Chair: Soojin Park (Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology, Korea)
Du Yeol Ryu (Yonsei University, Korea)
8:30-8:50 [ORG13-17] Epoxy Adhesive Formulations for Engineered Wood Manufacturing : Design of Experiment(DOE)

Waree Wangkheeree1,2, U. Meekum2 (1Suranaree University of Technology, 2Chulalongkorn University, Thailand)

8:50-9:10 [ORG13-18] Impact of Interfacial Dynamics of Polymers on Bio-inertness

Toyoaki Hirata1, Hisao Matsuno1 , Daisuke Kawaguchi1 , Tomoyasu Hirai1 ,
Norifumi L. Yamada2 , Masaru Tanaka3, Keiji Tanaka1* (1Kyushu University, 2High Energy Accelerator Research Organization, 3Yamagata University, Japan)

9:10-9:30 [ORG13-19] Thermal Stimuli-Responsive Behavior and the Tunability of Pyrene End-Functionalized PDMS

Heonjoo Ha1, Kadhiravan Shanmuganathan2, Yunping Fei1, Christopher J. Ellison1* (1The University of Texas at Austin, USA, 2CSIR-National Chemical Laboratory, India)

9:30-9:50 [ORG13-20] High Tg and Fast Curing Epoxy-based Anisotropic Conductive Paste for Electronic Packaging

Keeratitham Waralee, Anongnat Somwangthanaroj* (Chulalongkorn University, Thailand)

9:50-10:10 [ORG13-21] An Experimental Study of Highly Toughened Epoxy Polymer and Compared to Molecular Dynamics Simulations

Hana Jung1, Hoi Kil Choi1, Jaesang Yu2* (1Chonbuk National University, 2Korea Institute of Science and Technology, Korea)

[Plenary Lectures / Room: HALLA]
*Chair: Giuseppe Titomanlio (University of Salerno, Italy)
13:30-14:10 *The Lambla Award
[PL07] Mutual Effects of Flow and Crystallization: Analysis of Morphology
Development and Hardening in a Polypropylene

Roberto Pantani (University of Salerno, Italy)

*Chair: Ica Manas-Zloczower (Case Western Reserve University, USA)
14:10-14:50 *The James L. White Innovation Award
[PL08] Next Generation Simulation Technology and Polymeric Theories for Injection Molding Process with Industrial Complexity

Rong-Yeu Chang (CoreTech System (Moldex3D) Co. Ltd, Taiwan)

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